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How Social Media And Internet Is Interrupting Office Workers | Jobstop11

Our mind is totally turned to social media .In my opinion we are living on internet rather then to share in real life .We share likes on internet .When it comes to real we don't even meet friends and relatives for weeks even for years.
How-social-media-is interrupting-workers
Here is what is happening with job holders and workers.Normal job timing all around the world is 9-to-5.There are millions out there who are enjoying this life.
Decades ago there was no concept of social media and internet .People hardly had access to email account .

What happened next now ! Many big organisations applied technologies to prevent extra social activities using leading social media sites like Facebook,twitter and its growing and i am counting new sites daily .

Main social sites were blocked and to some extent companies were successful to divert back the attention of workers to work again .
Two years ago android made it possible to bring everything on the internet right into our hands resulting less efficiency and effectiveness of work results.According to a research daily with in 9-to-5 almost every employ spend 3 hours on social sites chatting and liking and even tweeting :).

How weird to search latest jobs during office hours .there are many of my colleagues interested in searching for better opportunities .

Instant messengers are new addition to social media revolution making the interruptions and lack of concentration .new job holders face strict rules especially new graduates .Many of my co-workers were terminated and some were faced cuts in their pay.

Social Media is a effective tool for marketing for those who sell on-line and for those who want to promote their sites and products but for those who are not relevant to marketing they must not use these tools for themselves at office .

The dilemma continues after office timing is over.Inspite of spending time with family in the same house the tired worker uses the same social media to explore new people .

Overall daily an employee is interrupted maximum for 2 hours because of different reasons like phone calls ,messaging ,chatting and other means of media.

Being social is very nice but not at the cost of official performance.Risk of loosing jobs is increasing by extra usage of social media.

This post is not against any social media site because i am a user too but in limits and time management .

Do you have such experience? Are you an employee.We would love to hear from you .Don't be shy to comment !

If you want to share your experience ,we welcome you to share with us.


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  1. I use social media a lot... mostly on my long bus commute both ways and on lunches/breaks. I try to spend time with my daughter when I get home, so I leave my blogging and media until she is gone to bed... unless she is busy with other things.

    I think we need to take time off the net more... it's addictive though ;-)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog ;-)

    1. Launna thanks for comment :) you are the first one who posted comment on my blog .Because its new .Infact we need time for other important things in life like family and friends .But its modern era and we can't just avoid internet

  2. Ali, you will find out that if you comment on my blog... I always reciprocate ... the more genuine the comment to me... the more happy I am to write one back. Have a great day ;-)

    1. Yes i can see it :) I am searching for some serious bloggers who still believe in serious commenting on blogs :) i do try but i just found you :)

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